Merkurius – New high-quality business law firm in Tampere

Merkurius Attorneys Ltd launches on 1 January 2018 in Tampere, Finland. The address of the office is Keskustori 5. The whole personnel (8 lawyers, Office Manager and Marketing Manager) used to work for one of the leading Finnish business law firms, Merilampi Attorneys Ltd before Merkurius was founded. Merkurius continues its operations in the same facilities in the city center where Merilampi Tampere operated, and the spin-off from Merilampi was carried out amicably.

What is the focus of Merkurius?

Merkurius focuses exclusively on business law. The three core areas of our operations are (i) General Commercial, (ii) Transactions and Corporation and (iii) Dispute Resolution.

Why the spin-off?

“Our office had such a great spirit and the team was eager to move forward. These things together led us to take this step. We had operated very independently inside Merilampi for a long time, so Merkurius was a natural continuation to this development. Our clients have reacted positively, and we are now able to meet their needs even more agilely.” Lassi Kettula, the CEO of Merkurius, states.

“Business life in Tampere has developed very propitiously, the export cluster is strong and new technologies and solutions are extremely interesting, they challenge the traditional ways of thinking and force also service providers to change”, says partner Jussi Lampinen, the head of technology practice at Merkurius.

Development program for the lawyers at Merkurius

We make sure our service is of the highest quality and our lawyers continue to develop by having a personal development program for each of our lawyers. Within our team, there is an exceptionally encouraging and supporting atmosphere. We set the bar high, and merely a good performance is not enough for us.

Our goal

Heli Piksilä-Rantanen, the third partner of Merkurius, states that “at Merkurius, the starting point in all activities is the emphasized willingness to find solutions. Without properly understanding the clients’ objectives, it is impossible to succeed in providing legal services.”

We here at Merkurius have indeed decided to succeed.


Further information:

CEO | Partner Lassi Kettula, + 358405527276