Merkurius Legal Academy

Merkurius organises on a regular basis seminars on business law for its clients. Our services include also arranging tailored seminars for clients.

The Morning Coffee Breaks of Merkurius Legal Academy in 2020, address Keskustori 5, Tampere.

The events start at 8.00 am with morning coffee. The seminars begin at 8.30 am and finish at 9.45 am. Participation is free of charge. The seminars will be held in Finnish. Welcome!

Other Events

Past Events

16.12.2020 |Startup and law - what every startup should know about the law

  • Shareholders’ agreement
  • Employment matters
  • IPRs and trade secrets
  • Commercial agreements
  • Exit


Ilmoittautumiset 14.12.2020 mennessä osoitteeseen


5.2.2020 |Due diligence in acquisition

  • Reviewing the standard buyer information request list
  • The extent of information provided and questions answered
  • Practical advice on due diligence
  • RSVPs by 29.1.2020 to

4.12.2019 |Competitive procurement obligation in public procurements

  • Obligation to call for tenders in procurement law and in procurement law of special fields
  • Direct procurements, are they ever possible?
  • Publicly owned limited liability companies’ legal position in procurements
  • Procurements from an in-house entity

23.10.2019 |Arbitration – what happens in closed arbitration?

  • Why is arbitration preferred in business life?
  • When is ordinary court a potential option?
  • Things to consider if getting involved in arbitration
  • Steps of the process
  • Observations about international contracts and recommendable arbitration clauses

11.9.2019 |Contract negotiations in international trade

  • Common terms, what do they mean and how can they be modified: IPR and product liability indemnity, liability, compliance, termination etc.
  • Applicable laws and settlement of disputes
  • Practical advice for contract negotiations and modifying contracts

8.5.2019 |Current issues in IT Agreements

  • Trends in IT Agreements
  • Integrating agility and predictability
  • Responsibilities and limitations of liability, what’s new?
  • One year of GDPR, what’s new?

10.4.2019 |Current issues in public procurements

  • The new public procurement legislation has been in effect for over two years – how has the application procedure changed?
  • Most recent cases
  • Public procurements and the GDPR

6.3.2019 |How to be prepared for client’s possible financial difficulties and avoid problems concerning insolvency proceedings?

  • Creditor’s legal remedies
  • Preparing for risks in advance
  • Procedural risks
  • Actions when there is a threat of client’s bankruptcy or company reorganization

30.1.2019 | Observations about dispute resolution on business transactions

  • Conflict analysis – interpreting the field and the situation
  • Negotiations between the parties – reconciliation possibilities and tactics
  • The process in practice and collaboration between the organization and the attorney
  • Case Management
  • Ordinary court or arbitration –what affects the handling and the analysis of the issue?