Kirsi-Marja Salokangas


Kirsi-Marja Salokangas is specialised in competition law, public procurements and dispute resolution. She has over thirteen years’ experience in working for business law firms and a district court. Clients appreciate her solution-oriented and straightforward approach to demanding assignments.

Kirsi-Marja advises clients from both the public and private sectors on a variety of questions related to public procurement legislation and procurement processes, including contract negotiations and drafting of procurement documents. She also has expertise in public contracts in special sectors and construction agreements. Kirsi-Marja has twelve years’ experience in representing clients successfully in public procurement proceedings before the Finnish Market Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Kirsi-Marja also serves as a legal advisor in other competition law cases, such as those involving cartels and co-operation and exchange of information between competitors. She has represented a client before the Finnish Market Court in one of the broadest cartel trials in Finland.

Furthermore, Kirsi-Marja has extensive experience in dispute resolution especially regarding commercial contractual disputes and damages. She also has experience in contractual, employment-related and corporate assignments.

In addition to her role as legal advisor, Kirsi-Marja is also an experienced and well-liked lecturer.


  • Master of Laws (LL.M.), University of Turku, 2005
  • Trained at the Bench, 2006
  • Attorney-at-Law, 2009


  • Merkurius Attorneys Ltd, Partner 2018 –
  • Merkurius Attorneys Ltd, Counsel 2018
  • Merilampi Attorneys Ltd, Specialist Counsel 2017, Senior Associate 2014 – 2016
  • Krogerus Attorneys Ltd, Senior Associate 2006 – 2014
  • Äänekoski District Court, Trainee at the Bench 2005 – 2006


  • Competition law and Public Procurement
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Corporate law
  • Contract law


  • AdvisingAito Solutions Plc in corporate and contractual matters
  • Advising Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd in a public procurement procedure
  • Advising Certia Oy in assignments regarding public procurement
  • Representing Turva Mutual Insurance Company in trials regarding liability for damages
  • Representing Kuntien Hankintapalvelut KuHa Oy in a public procurement proceeding in the Supreme Administrative Court
  • Advising Lojer Oy in assignments regarding public procurement
  • Representing Länsilinjat Oy in Finnish Market Court and Supreme Administrative Court in competition proceeding
  • Advising Länsilinjat Oy in assignments regarding public procurement
  • Advising Pirkanmaan Senioripalvelut Oy for example in questions relating to public procurement, employment and corporate law
  • Advising Seinäjoen KTK Oy and Kauhajoen KTK Oy in matters regarding corporate, contract and competition law, and representing the companies in dispute and administrative proceedings
  • Advising Business Tampere Oy and Visit Tampere Oy in assignments regarding public procurement
  • Advising Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy in various assignments regarding public procurement
  • Advising Tampereen Vanhuspalveluyhdistys for example in assignments regarding public procurement, corporate and employment law
  • Representing Valmet Technologies Ltd in a matter related to interpretation of a licence agreement
  • Lectures and holds seminars regularly on public procurement legislation. For example, she has lectured in seminars organised by Tampere Chamber of Commerce, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce and Kuntien Hankintapalvelut KuHa Oy
  • Representing several companies in the FCC’s cartel investigations