Tommi Härmä


Tommi Härmä advises our clients especially in matters relating to international trade, contract law and corporate law, as well as in dispute resolution. As regards contract law, he has extensive experience in international trade and data protection related agreements and in negotiations for such agreements. Tommi has participated in several domestic and international merger and acquisitions projects and he has advised clients also in various assignments regarding corporate law.

Tommi has worked in law firms specialised in business law since 2011.


  • Exchange student, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland, 2008
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.), University of Turku, 2011
  • Trained on the Bench, 2014
  • Attorney-at-Law, 2015


  • Merkurius Attorneys Ltd, Partner 2023 –
  • Merkurius Attorneys Ltd, Counsel 2018 – 2022
  • Merilampi Attorneys Ltd, Senior Associate 2015 – 2017, Associate 2012 – 2015
  • District Court of Pirkanmaa, Judge Trainee 2013 – 2014
  • Salvén & Wuorenpää Law Firm, Associate 2011
  • Southwest Finland’s tax office, Tax Official (Trainee) 2010
  • Licentia Oy, Legal Assistant 2009 – 2010


  • International trade and Contract law
  • Technology, IT and Data Protection
  • IPR
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate law
  • Litigation
  • Employment and Labour law


  • Advising Auroora Oyj in the acquisition of CWP Coloured Wood Products Oy
  • Advising Tornum AB, a member of the Swedish industrial group Volati AB (publ), in the acquisition of the shares in Finnish JPT-Industria Oy
  • Representing the sellers of A-Insinöörit Oy in the acquisition of A-Insinöörit Oy in which Vaaka Partners acquired the share majority of A-Insinöörit Oy
  • Organising a training seminar regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation for AitoSolutions Plc
  • Representing the owners of Grundium Oy in the sale of majority shares in Grundium Oy to EW Healtcare Partners
  • Advising Kiilto Oy in its acquisition of Lakan Betoni Oy's factory
  • Advising Lasse Urpalainen (”Matumbaman”) in negotiating a new eSports player agreement
  • Assisting Lojer Oy in acquiring Merivaara Oy
  • Representing the sellers in the sale of MediWare Oy
  • Advising Nokeval Oy in matters regarding cooperation agreements
  • Advising Otso Metsäpalvelut Oy in different questions of interpretation relating to contracts
  • Advising Pihlajalinna Oyj in the sale of its dental business to Hammas Hohde
  • Representing the seller in the acquisition of Reisswolf Finland (Heikkinen & Puljula Oy)
  • Advising SC Software Oy in acquiring an intelligent public procurement management system and related business entity from eKeiretsu Oy
  • Representing the sellers of SC Software Oy in the acquisition of SC Software Oy in which Korona Invest acquired the share majority of SC Software Oy
  • Representing the sellers in the sale of Vexve Oy
  • Assisting Unilabs Kokkolan Röntgen Oy in acquiring Botnia Scan Oy's common stock
  • Drafting contracts, such as NDAs, retail and supply contracts, regarding international trade for several companies
  • Advising several companies in questions relating to the EU General Data Protection Regulation and organising data protection seminars