Merkurius joins Smart Tampere -program

Smart Tampere program aims to create a cooperation model where companies, research organizations, communities and citizens develop services and solutions either together with the City of Tampere or by using the city as an innovation and testing platform.

Merkurius joins Tampere Business Campus

Tampere Business Campus (TBC) is an independent association consisting of its member companies in the Tampere region. TBC has been created to encourage businesses to enhance their competence development processes and to convey good practices related to human resource development.

Merkurius – New high-quality business law firm in Tampere

Merkurius Attorneys Ltd launches on 1 January 2018 in Tampere, Finland. The address of the office is Keskustori 5. The whole personnel (8 lawyers, Office Manager and Marketing Manager) used to work for one of the leading Finnish business law firms, Merilampi Attorneys Ltd before Merkurius was founded. Merkurius continues its operations in the same facilities in the city center where Merilampi Tampere operated, and the spin-off from Merilampi was carried out amicably.


Partner | CEO Lassi Kettula, Partner | CFO Jussi Lampinen, Partner Heli Piksilä-Rantanen.